Our Community engagement

Our activities include various types of meetings:

  • Educational lectures and workshops
  • Celebration of Jewish and Israeli holidays with the families of our members
  • Annual Welcome Party with new coming Israeli women

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Educational lectures and workshops

We organize Educational lectures and workshops for the community.

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Mentoring and Education

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What We Do

We provide relevant information through our Facebook forum about schools, day care centers, driver license requirements, medical insurance, purchasing a car, and more. Women are welcome to post questions, tips or for finding another lonely soul looking for some company. Most of the women in our organization are following their husband coming here for a purpose of acquiring an education (PhD or post doc) or relocating for a high tech company.


What you can Do

Most of our members are low-income families and even small payments required to cover basic cost of our events, is a burden for them. This is why we need your support today to help us be there for our community.