Our Approach and Vision

The Massachusetts Israeli Women’s Organization serves Israeli families new to the Boston area. Our mission is to provide comprehensive resources to promote our Israeli heritage through community engagement, mentoring, education and events in a supportive and safe environment.

Our organization hereby declares its support to unite our community and to provide a safety net, as well as comprehensive guidance, and assistance for Israeli women coming to live in the Boston area. The number of our active members is constantly growing and includes almost a thousand women.

The members of our organization are volunteers. Our activities include various types of educational meetings with lectures and workshops, celebration of Jewish and Israeli holidays with the families of our members as well as the annual Welcome Party for the new coming Israeli women.

We use our Facebook page for all the announcements. It is mostly dedicated to providing newcomers with relevant information about schools, day care centers, driver license requirements, medical insurance, purchasing a car, and more. It is actually a forum where the women are welcome to post questions, tips or for finding another lonely soul looking for some company. Most of the families relocate to the area to further the father’s educational or career pursuits.

Meet our Team

Here are the women who make our organization what it is

Noa Vardy-Boros

Founder & Director

Noa is a French-Israeli mother of 4, who after moving to Boston in 2012, realized that there was no Israeli women organizations in the area.  She made it her goal to create something that would be a support for all those, coming here like her, moving across the ocean, following a spouse looking for a better education or career, and leaving behind them career, friends and family.

Noa is a woman dedicated to making the Boston area a more welcoming place for  other Israeli women. Her assistance is really appreciated by the new comers who always find her ready to help.

“I’ve been there. I know how it feels to land in a place where you have no idea where to find the basic things you need for your children. The feeling is not very nice. I know how a mother feels when it comes to her children and how scared you can be trying to figure out the simplest things.” says Noa.

One event at a time the MIWO is building here an incredible safety net for all those women.


Valeria Bugaev

Valeria Bugaev

Founder & President

Valeria Bugaev was born in Russia. She has made Aliyah in 1998.

Valeria has acquired rather broad experience in adapting to the living conditions in different countries and, based on this experience, she has developed a system of practical and effective solutions that can be routinely used in helping people to adapt at a new place.

In 2014 Valeria founded Habostoniot organization.

She has been devoting the most of her time volunteering in Israeli community of Boston.

She is married, and has three kids.


How to Reach Us

You can reach us with our Contact Us form

Or by calling us: (617) 651-2654  – Noa :: (617) 909-0141 – Valeria

Or via our Facebook page.

And if you want, you can  donate:

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