Community Engagement

We are here to give support to all those women coming in Massachusetts and in need of help to acclimate to their new home. And we do this in many ways.

Our monthly Israeli Breakfast

Our Israeli breakfast is already famous! On this monthly occasion we have a lecture or a workshop given by another Israeli woman from our community. What a great way to meet other women and enjoy a Shakshuka!

It’s also a great way for the local businesses to come and advertise themselves. We are always happy to help you be part of it if you want to come and give a talk!

Lecture on homeopathy for children
Lecture on homeopathy for children during a monthly Israeli breakfast.

Family Events

Yes, we are a women organization, but we know they come with a family and we love to meet all the community members. So we do have some family events where we enjoy all together Jewish and Israeli Holidays. And we try to make it fun for them too! The Israeli Independence Day and Hanukkah are the main family events of the year.  

Israel Independence day event

Girls night out

Fun Girls night out! Where we go enjoy the different places the Boston area offers. Because sometimes a woman needs some time off from all the day to day and just enjoy an evening with other women. Especially during the New England winter that can feel really long and cold for Israeli women. 

Girls Night Out – Challah Bake
Girls night out in the Clay Room
Girls night out in the Clay Room

More help!

We also provide relevant information for newcomers through our forum on Facebook. The forum is a place where anyone can post helpful tips or if they are looking for another lonely soul in their area to meet.  We exchange tips on the everyday life to ease the insertion in the neighborhood and to help the women understand where to find what they need. This is the heart of our Israeli home in Boston! And our partners are welcome to publish a post to let the community know about themselves

A tip about some products from the Trader Joe’s supermarkets.

How Can you Help?

If you got this far, it already means that you care about us. And thank you for that! The Massachusetts Israeli Women Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization as defined by the United States IRS. Help us keep the door of this home open for everyone!